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Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)Free Download PC Games Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik) Full Rip Version - Online is right for a beginner I was a little attention, because the game itself point blank Register issued this very much favored by gamer Indonesia, nah it's good for us to know in advance how to play point blank right for beginners on the internet which has on the rise. how to play point blank this is also a continuation of several previous articles. nah let us refer to it point blank this game and how to How to Play Point Blank below.
have you previously signed up point blank id? if it does not follow the instructions on how to How to Register Point Blank, and after that we enter a new step and how to play the correct point blank. well here point blank how to play online.
Login to Point Blank online
1. On the login screen, enter your userID and password that you have registered in If not on the list, the game register your Member ID
2. In the server selection screen, please select the server you are still empty to join into it. Press twice on the highlighted server or click CONNECT at the bottom.
3. If you are a new player in the Point Blank Online, the system will prompt you determine your character's nickname, which appears prior to joining the lobbying game. Please fill your character's nickname, and press OK. System will ask for re- nickname if you specify one or already owned by other characters.
4. If nickname is specified, then you've joined the appropriate Point Blank Online just nickname you specify. Welcome to play
Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)
Tips & Tricks Point Blank Games
For gamer online game, this time there is one more tips and tricks, especially playing the game Point Blank was already famous. Well, it's not constantly swapped pleasantries, here are tips and tricks that I play PointBlank :
Tips n Tricks Games Point Blank 1) Let be a smooth 100% Headshot.
- You have to master the shots to the head enemy. fast-reflexes, precise and important relax. relaxed, because it also takes skill to shoot Headshot jim-dandy. While not yet met the enemy, try to stay awake firing direction parallel to the head of an enemy (guessed at). So stay fit JEDEEER met the enemy!
- To issue the most good weapon and good for a HS, use a MP7 or p90. not much different from the same sniper accuracy. The specialty of this p90 and MP7 and you shoot foregoing, the bullet remains directed to follow the rapid movement toward shooting. reload, so try the popcorn into the enemy as precisely as possible!
Tips n Tricks Games Point Blank 2) Let fast to Level.
- Always join a team that often win.
- Be the player with the highest kill!
- Always play. Besides, you must often rank 1, so get the most EXP
- Use item which increases EXP 130%,
- Diligent, industrious and complete title to buy.
Tips n Tricks Games Point Blank 3) Let me could kill the most playing time. 
do not need high-skill that, honestly I wrote pas2an skill but also can get a position on hold. you need only reply back opponents (enemies attacking from behind), Position Midfield, Attacking hidden, when close time get used to attack enemy bases with the team (do not attack alone).
Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)
Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)
Tips n Tricks Games Point Blank 4) I'll be so god PB.
-You must be smart shoot the fire on the enemy, though the enemy was moving to and fro while shooting. 
Try stay relaxed and do not shoot it before the shot right at the enemy (so enemies die quickly). In the shoot do not desire too, if the foregoing not need, do not do it, doubt you'll even reply killed. Relax but the shot remains fixed on the enemy.
-You must be smart Headshot.
Headshot learning can be just as NPC / BOT first. The direction of the shot to the head of the enemy. Feeling you must also strong! Which is usually used to play CS let alone already god, my god play PB can be easily! Headshot can get really easy.
-You must kill the enemies smarter than long distance (long distance).
This skill is also very important, if you just wrote it feels good at close range is less complete. Not all enemies will go on attacking you. Especially if there is the god who is in a position which the team lost, he would choose to stay and hunt the enemy in his base.
- You must be a smart-ass, too.
These skills are usually the same people who have eyesight sharp and clever, he could see the enemy without being noticed by the enemy. More embarrassing if already back, even his enemies do not die and who killed him.
- Damage to the enemy
If you do not want in the buttocks after kill the enemy, then you have to kill enemies quickly, one way to use a weapon danger large, for example, AK / Shot and shot your gun/M4A1 should right. Fast kill, so do not have any other enemies back opportunity for you. 

 Point Blank Online (PB Tips and Trik)
System requirements:
-Windows 2000/XP;
-Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz;
-128 MB of RAM;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with support for T & L 32 MB;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card;
-DirectX 9.0c;
-1 GB of free hard disk space
keyboard, mouse.

Video :

Download Point Blank Here :
PB Client Install (465 MB)
Choose :
1. Partial file patch (1.96 MB)
2. Full patch ( 50.7 MB)

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